To:  Service Coordination Entities and Home and Community-Based Service Providers in the Aging, Attendant Care, Independence, and OBRA Waivers, and the Act 150 Program

Subject: Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

This email is a reminder of the service definition and the qualifications required to provide PERS services. 

According to Appendix C: Participant Services C-1/C-3 of the approved Medicaid Home and Community-Based waivers, relating to service specifications:

PERS is an electronic device which enables waiver participants to secure help in an emergency.

The participant may also wear a portable “help” button to allow for mobility.  The system is connected to the person’s phone and programmed to signal a response center once a “help” button is activated.  The response center is staffed by trained professional, as specified.  The PERS vendor must provide 24 hour staffing, by trained operators of the emergency response center, 365 days a year.

PERS services are limited to those individuals who:

·         Live alone

·         Are alone for significant parts of the day as determined in consideration of their health status, disability, risk factors, support needs and other circumstances.

·         Live with an individual that may be limited in their ability to access a telephone quickly when a participant has an emergency.

·         Would otherwise require extensive in-person routine monitoring and assistance.  Installation, repairs, monitoring and maintenance are included in this service.


Service Coordinators must assure that coverage of services provided under a responsible third-party continues until the plan limitations have been reached or a determination of non-coverage has been established prior to this service’s inclusion in the service plan.  Documentation in accordance with Department requirements must be maintained in the participant’s file by the Service Coordinator and updated with each reauthorization.


Installation is covered one time per residential site.

Stand-alone smoke detectors will not be billed under PERS.

PERS covers the actual cost of service and does not include any administrative costs.

The frequency and duration of this service is based upon the participant’s needs as identified and documented in the participant’s service plan.

The provider qualifications include the following provider types:  Vendors of Personal Emergency Response Systems, Home Health Agencies, and Durable Medical Equipment Supply Companies. 


The Office of Long-Term Living (OLTL) is providing the following additional clarification regarding delivery and billing of the PERS service:



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